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AA8682-72MHz, 3rd Order Full-HD Video Filter Driver
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General Description
AA8682 is a video driver which integrates 6dB gain rail to rail output driver, 3rd low pass filter. It supports +2.5V to +5.5V operating voltage, and is ideal for video output device such as surveillance camera. The AA8682 can be DC-coupled or AC-couple with input video signal, such as the output stage of DAC to eliminate out-of-band noise. The output can drive DC-couple or AC-couple signal (150) or dual (75) loads.

Operating voltage, typical +2.5V~+5.5V
Transparent Input Clamping
3rd Order 72MHz (FULL HD) Filter
6dB Output Driver Gain and Drive Dual Video Load
Rail-to-Rail Output
AC or DC-coupled Inputs
AC or DC-coupled Outputs
Small SOT23-6 package

Cable and Satellite Set-Top Boxes
Portable and Handheld Products
Personal Video Recorders
AHD/CVI/TVI Analog HD Camera