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AA8670-Low Voltage 72MHz Video Amplifier with Coaxial Communication Receiver
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General Description
AA8670 is a video driver which integrates 6dB gain rail to rail output driver, 3rd low pass filter and coaxial communication receiver. The threshold voltage of the receiver is built by internal circuit. It supports +2.5V and +5.5V operating voltage, and is ideal for video output device such as surveillance camera. The AA8670 can be DC-coupled or AC-couple with input video signal, such as the output stage of DAC to eliminate out-of-band noise. The output can drive DC-couple or AC-couple signal (150£[) or dual (75£[) loads.

¡DOperating voltage, typical +2.5V~+5.5V
¡DTransparent Input Clamping
¡D3rd Order 72MHz (Full HD) Filter
¡D6dB Output Driver Gain and Drive Dual Video Load
¡DRail-to-Rail Output
¡DAC or DC-coupled Inputs
¡DAC or DC-coupled Outputs
¡DHigh Speed Coaxial Communication Receiver
¡DSOT23-6 package

¡DCable and Satellite Set-Top Boxes
¡DPortable and Handheld Products
¡DPersonal Video Recorders
¡DAHD/TVI/CVI Analog HD Camera