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AA1850-High Side Current Monitor
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General Description
The AA1850 is a high side current sense monitor. It takes a high side voltage developed across
a current shunt resistor and translates it into a proportional output current. A customer
defined output resistor converts the output current into a reference voltage. It operates
over a wide input voltage range, from 2.5V to 20V and makes it suitable for many
applications. A minimum operating current of 4uA, combined with its SOT23 package
make it a right solution for portable equipment.

¡DLow cost and accurate high-side current monitor
¡DUp to 2.5V sense voltage
¡D2.5V ¡V 20V supply range
¡D4uA quiescent current
¡D1% typical accuracy

¡DBattery chargers
¡DDC motor control
¡DOver current monitor
¡DPower management
¡DPorgrammable current source