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AA18375-Dual Channel Switching Regulator Controller
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General Description
The AA18375 is a two-channel PWM DC-DC converter control IC that features low-voltage operation. This IC can obtain the step-up, step-down and inverting voltages with a small number of external components. Because the IC is compactly packaged, it is best suited for use as a power supply in portable equipment.

¡DWide supply voltage range: 3.6V to 15V
¡DLow current consumption: 1.3 mA typical
¡DControl in a wide output frequency range is possible (1 kHz to 500 kHz)
¡DTimer latch, short-circuit protection circuit is built in
¡DCircuit to prevent malfunction during low input voltage is built in
¡DBuilt-in reference voltage (1.28V) output pin
¡DDead time period is adjustable over the whole range of duty ratio
¡DSynchronization operation is possible

¡DLCD Displays
¡DDigital still cameras
¡DHand-held and portable instruments