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AA16-Voltage Detector With Delay
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General Description
AA16 Series is a three terminal power reset generator processed in a standard CMOS. It detects a particle fixed voltage at the power up or down procedure to generate a reset signal for initializing the following systems or devices, such as MCU. There is a typical 150/200mv hysteresis range for different 3.3V/5V system to prevent the system from crashing during power supply fluctuation. AA16 Series consists of a reference voltage generator, a comparator with hysteresis function and an ¡¥open-drain¡¦ type (AA16N series) or ¡¥Inverter¡¦ type (AA16C series) output driver. The volt level of output is flexible to the various application power systems. Low power consumption, typical at 1uA and maximum is lower than 2uA.

¡DHigh accuracy in 5% voltage detection
¡DTypical 150mv/200mv hysteresis width between power reset and reset disable detection
¡@point for 3.3v and 5v, respectively
¡DLow power consumption typical at 1.3uA at Vcc=5V
¡DWith about 3.5us and 40us delay time at power reset disable and reset procedure
¡DOpen-Drain Output Type. (AA16N series)
¡DInverter Output Type. (AA16C series)
¡DLow Temperature Coefficient.

¡DReset for microprocessor or DSP
¡DPower failure detector